Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scattered thoughts

This, that and another thing -- actually, many things -- have left me with so very little time to do do any writing. I'm finding ways to be creative here and there (a non-fiction piece or two, a poem here and there, and some painting, actually), but not in any organized fashion and certainly without a purpose.

Just when I think I've got a handle on my schedule and routine, the time changes, the daylight fades and small things here and there crop up into my life, impossible to ignore or say no to.

I'm a big fan of the No, thank you, but lately I've been saying Yes more. Thanks to Patti Digh's "Life is a Verb" for that. The minute I cracked open her book, it seeped goodness and all those ideas of living life to its fullest oozed into the crevices of my mind that I had been able to keep occupied and focused for so long while writing my book and starting my side business.

I will not lie, though, there's not enough time for it all -- the living life to the fullest, the working so hard all day, the taking care of the girls and still wanting to be with the girls as well as all the other millions of little things and big that call my attention all day, every day.

I'm sure it's a phase but right now, at this very minute, I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air and say I give up, I can't handle it all!

But, I know that I'm just really tired and that a good night's sleep is probably all that I need. And yet I know I will be tired again tomorrow and the day after that ... and yet.

This isn't advice by any means. It's a confession that I started dropping some balls about a month ago and I've had a really hard time picking up the mess and now I am running around, this way and that, trying to find that oh so lovely groove that held me tightly long enough to finish my novel.

Yeah, that's it. I am really missing my groove. I miss that clarity that I had to fleetingly.

Then again, perhaps it's my purpose now to develop a new groove -- an editing and revision groove, a let's-try-new-things groove or a just-dive-in-and-forget-it-all groove. I'm open to that as I brush at the weeds in front of my face and clear the clutter.

Luckily, I've been through this so many times before that I know -- well, really hope -- that the groove will, indeed, return and when it does, I must be ready for it. I must be ready to shut out out the world and start making writing my life again.

Thanks for reading my mutterings.

P.S. That's one of my girls in a local painter's studio and the picture is just so fitting for how I feel right now. Half of me is a woman trying to be an artist; the other half is a woman trying to be a great mother.


  1. Its hard to retain time for creativity. I certainly find it hard. But at the same time I do believe that we need to do it, otherwise things start to feel even more unfocused and scattered. I am sure that you will find your groove, maybe you do need to say no to something to say yes to your creative time. OR maybe it is that you need a break having finished your novel in order to go back to it afresh and edit. xxx keep at it lady, the universe is with you!

  2. Thanks, Moyra! You're such a wonderful supporter. The Universe needs more Moyras! : )

  3. I cannot wait to begin your Fearless Writing class!

    On finding your groove: Before I read this blog piece, I was thinking I should begin writing a seasonal goal plan for the Fall. As much as I like the seasons, I think the shifting of gears throws off my groove. I think I will try to get ahead of the seasonal change by establishing some goals unique to Fall this year. This will be an experiment in maintaining groove.

  4. Stacey -- So strange, that's my next blog post topic!